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    Goo KANTEI is a neutral car inspection service offered by Car Credo, PROTO Corporation’s biggest subsidiary. Its top-notch expertise has been used for hundreds of thousands of Goo KANTEI vehicle inspections for both used and pre-owned vehicles in Japan since 2006. Goo KANTEI is available in Japan, Taiwan and now in Malaysia.
    The name ‘Goo KANTEI’ is a combination of the words ‘Goo’ and ‘KANTEI’; Goo is a brand of PROTO Corporation, a Japanese company listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and currently runs one of the largest used car classified media, Goo Magazine and Goo-net in Japan, and KANTEI is a Japanese word meaning ‘inspection, verification, check, and appraisal’
    Motto: To provide customers the Peace-of-Mind when buying a used car

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