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    Q1. How does Car Credo (CC) score Goo KANTEI cars? What is the difference between scores in EXTERIOR and INTERIOR?

    CC decides the scores by deducting points by size and class of the damage. In Japan, CC inspects more than 300,000 vehicles nowadays. The total accumulated cars inspected is more than 1.4 million. This accumulated database produces the statistically relevant logic, that is CC’s only-one strength, to appraise used cars in fair ways.

    Q2. What is TYPE & CHASSIS number ?

    TYPE is the identification code to distinguish a vehicles.

    For example
    DBA-GD1 means 1300cc and 2WD
    DBA-GD2 means 1300cc and 4WD
    DBA-GD3 means 1500cc and 2WD
    DBA-GD4 means 1500cc and 4WD

    Chassis number is unique number of the one and only assigned to a vehicle. The vehicle of same chassis number never exist.

    Q3. What is Ditch level ?

    Ditch level is an indicator to show remaining level of the ditch of tires. CC has six-level criteria: 9 is almost brand new ; 5 is normal for used cars; and 1 and 0 mean that the owner must replace tyres immediately otherwise your car might slip on the road.

    Q4. Who is JAAA ?

    JAAA is an abbreviation of Japan Automobile Appraisal Association, a Japanese nonprofitable organization established in 2005. Its objective is to build the system and environment that can give car buyers confidence to buy used cars with relief.

    Q5. Does Goo KANTEI give opportunities to car buyers to buy cheaper cars?

    It is up to dealers how much they sell cars. Goo KANTEI does not take any control over their price policies.

    Q6. What are differences between workshop workers and Goo KANTEI Inspectors? What kinds of training do inspectors take?

    Inspector look into cars to find out any disadvantages to appraise them with clear logic. Inspectors have taken education of car knowledge and learn how to inspect damages. It takes about half a year or a whole year for trainees to pass the exam which JAAA makes.

    Q7. What is the merit of Goo KANTEI ?

    Here let us show 3 advantages:

    1. Consumers can get to know the details of the car which they may buy.
    2. Consumers can buy cars with peace-of-mind.
    3. Dealer can give confidence, comfort to the consumers with Goo KANTEI, that is delivered by Japanese neutral inspectors belonging to JAAA.

    Q8. What is relationship between JAAA and PROTO Malaysia?

    PROTO Malaysia consigns with CC, JAAA’s membership company, to provide its inspection services for car dealers. PROTO Malaysia cannot make any complaints about the result of the inspection provided by JAAA’s members.

    Q9. Can car buyers expect any guarantees from PROTO Malaysia or JAAA when they buy the car inspected by Goo KANTEI inspectors?

    No. Both parties do not provide any guarantees nor warranty.

    Q10. What does KANTEI mean?

    KANTEI or “鑑定” is a Japanese word meaning inspection, verification, check, appraisal.

    Q11. What does Goo mean?

    Goo is a brand of PROTO CORPORATION, Japanese company listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. This company has run its one of the largest used car classified media Goo Magazine and Goo-net in Japan.